Global Beauty Brand Builds Digital Presence and Grows eCommerce

Trish McEvoy, a global beauty brand, wished to build its digital presence.   Ciarlo Consulting developed a marketing strategy including website, eCommerce, email and social media strategy.  The result was eCommerce sales that achieved significant year over year increases.


Team developed a site highlighting Trish’s patented brand positioning of The Power of Makeup and Effortless Beauty.  The redesigned focused on seamless product browsing and ease of check out.

Mobile Shopping

As the importance of mobile increased in consumers' shopping decisions it was necessary to offer consumers a mobile experience


Building consumer relationships is at the heart of Trish’s brand.   Emails offer an effective way to communicate with consumers who request to receive tips and information from Trish.


Social offered the another channel to communicate and build consumer relationships.  Facebook offered customers more access to Trish and her Power of Beauty.